How To Copy a Key (6 Methods)

2023-06-16 09:54:44

A skill that is useful in many circumstances is the ability to duplicate keys, from having extra keys to granting access to others. To prevent harm to the original key, it is crucial that the copy be done properly. In this post, we'll discuss six key duplication techniques as well as the benefits of getting a Lock Picking Set.
Before we get started, it's important to note that buying a lockpicking kit can be quite beneficial for education and pleasure, but only for legal reasons.
How to copy keys
1. Take it to a locksmith
Taking the original keys to a locksmith is the safest and most reliable option. A locksmith has the expertise and necessary tools to make an exact replica of an existing key.
2. Using a key duplicator
A key duplicator is a machine that makes copies of keys by drawing them on blank keys. These machines are commonly found at hardware stores and locksmiths.
3. Working with files
A more traditional approach is to use a file to make a copy of the key. This method requires patience and skill, as it takes time to file the key into the desired shape and size.
4. Using a spoon cutter
A key cutter is a power tool that cuts replicas of keys into exact predetermined shapes. Many locksmiths and hardware stores use key cutters.
5. Using a 3D printer
3D printing is a modern way of making keys by printing them in the desired shape. This method requires the use of a 3D printer and specific 3D modeling software.
6. Using the lockpicking tool
Using a lockpicking tool to duplicate keys requires a certain level of skill. By picking the lock of the original key, an individual can make a mold of the key out of plastic or wax. Once the model of the key is made, it can be used to cut new keys.
Why buy a set of lockpicking tools
Investing in a lockpicking kit can be a fun and beneficial learning experience. It's crucial to use these settings sensibly and only for authorized uses. It's important to keep in mind that having a lockpicking tool without a good reason may be unlawful in some areas.
The trick to making duplicate keys is to do it carefully and accurately. A key can be duplicated in a number of methods, including by taking the original to a locksmith, using a key duplicator or cutter, a file, a 3D printer, or a lockpicking instrument. It may be worthwhile for those who are interested in lockpicking to think about purchasing an Auto Tool, but it's crucial to use it safely and only for legal purposes.