Diablo 4: How to Defeat Elias - Boss Guides, Tips and Strategies

2023-07-07 09:34:43

Elias is a formidable boss in "Diablo 4" who presents the players with many difficulties. It takes meticulous preparation, deft execution, and a thorough comprehension of his mechanics to defeat him. In this article, we'll give you a thorough primer along with insightful advice on how to get rid of Elias. It's important to note that obtaining Diablo IV Gold can significantly improve your character's skills and raise your chances of success in this challenging conflict.

Where to Find the Elias Boss in Diablo 4
Elias will face two encounters during the gameplay of Diablo IV, with the second encounter ending with your knocking him unconscious while the first encounter ends with him fleeing. Elias will appear to you for the first time at his room on the Exalted Platform, which you'll visit after finishing Act Three's primary objective "Piercing the Veil." Elias will appear a second time in Act V's fetid basement of Rahat Castle in Havizar, the last location before finishing the main objective "On the Cliff."
How to Beat the Elias Boss in Diablo 4
Elias is rather weak, but it's vital to watch out for his movements when you first face him in Act Three. He begins the battle by firing homing shells, which do minor collateral damage. However, he is still regarded as susceptible at this point. Thus, defeat Elias and go on.
Elias reappears in the second phase and calls forth the Champion of Lilith, a formidable demon. He introduces new attacks while still using homing projectiles. When the player or the ground is in their path, the tiny blood spheres he releases from his raised arm burst. Players must be cautious and dodge appropriately until they defeat him because the area of effect is clearly defined in red.
The Lilith champion was summoned once more in the third stage, and Elias strengthened the attack from the previous level to increase attack frequency. He has also changed his offensive strategy, calling servants to fight you from a summoning pool he has created. Elias will continue to assault you while being impervious, so get rid of his servants and kill him again to go on.
Elias uses the same attacks as in the previous phase when the conflict enters its fourth and final phase, so use the same strategies, but proceed with caution because this time he has been buffed. Talk to Loras after eliminating Elias to finish the "Pierce the Veil" quest and carry on with the main quest until you run into Elias again in Act V.
When you and Tessa run into Elias in the fifth act, you'll have to put an end to him once and for all. He doesn't summon Lilith's champion; instead, he uses the same set of attack moves as in the last battle, but with a few more attacks.
In one memorable assault, he releases a shockwave from below that fanns out into the surrounding region. Damage and vulnerability will happen if you become trapped here. Players must escape attacks or find gaps due to the extensive area of effect (AoE) coverage.
Elias in Diablo IV takes meticulous planning, deft execution, and a thorough comprehension of his skills and attack patterns. Getting Diablo 4 Currency is important because it will improve your character's skills, unlock new content, and give you an advantage over difficult tasks like Elias.